STRINGS '95: Proceedings

I. Bars, P. Bouwknegt, J. Minahan, D. Nemeshansky, K. Pilch, H. Saleur and N. Warner (editors)
Proceedings of Strings '95: Future Perspectives in String Theory
USC, Los Angeles, March 13-18, 1995
(World Scientific, Singapore, 1996)

ISBN: 9810224729
Library of Congress: QC794.6.S85 F88 1996

Additional information: World Scientific (out of print), Spires

Online Proceedings

The published version of the proceedings is now out of print However, most of the contributions can be found in the ArXiv:hep-th archives. Below, they are arranged alphabetically by the speaker and grouped into 60 min, 30 min and 5/10 min talks. The postscript files are gzip compressed.

60 minute talks:

I. Bars [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Solution of the SL(2,R) string in curved space-time
M. R. Douglas [ spires | ps, pdf ]
Large N in D>2
L. E. Ibanez [ spires | ps, pdf ]
Strings, unification and moduli-induced SUSY breaking
A. Losev, G. W. Moore, N. Nekrasov, S. Shatashvili [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Four-dimensional avatars of two-dimensional RCFT
H. Ooguri [ spires | ps, pdf ]
Loop amplitudes of N=2 string
J. Polchinski [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
String theory and black hole complementarity
J. H. Schwarz [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Classical duality symmetries in two-dimensions
K. A. Intrilligator, N. Seiberg [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Phases of N=1 supersymmetric gauge theories and electric-magnetic triality
A. Sen [ spires | ps, pdf ]
Duality symmetries in string theories in dimension <= 4
A. A. Tseytlin [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Closed strings in uniform magnetic field backgrounds
E. Witten [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Some comments on string dynamics

30 minute talks:

N. Berkovits [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
New space-time supersymmetric methods for the superstring
M. Bershadsky [ spires | ps, pdf ]
Topological reduction of 4D super Yang-Mills to 2D sigma models
A. Ceresole [ spires | ps, pdf ]
Duality and braids in N=2 Yang-Mills theories
S. Chaudhuri [ spires | ps, pdf ]
Recent developments in fermionization and superstring model building
M. Cvetic, D. Youm [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
BPS saturated and nonextreme states in abelian Kaluza-Klein theory and effective N=4 supersymmetric string vacua
H. J. De Vega [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Strings in cosmological spacetimes and their back-reaction
E. D'Hoker [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Invariant effective actions and cohomology
M. Dine [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Coming to terms with strongly coupled strings
J.-L. Gervais [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
The new physics of strongly coupled 2-d gravity
L. Girardello, A. Giveon, M. Porrati, A. Zaffaroni [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
S-Duality in N=4 Yang-Mills theories
M. B. Green [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Boundary effects in string theory
T. Chiang, B. R. Greene [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Phases of mirror symmetry
K. Clubok, M. B. Halpern [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
The generic world-sheet action of irrational conformal field theory
C. M. Hull [ spires | ps, pdf ]
Duality, enhanced symmetry and `massless black holes'
E. Kiritsis, C. Kounnas [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Infrared-regularated string theory and loop corrections to coupling constants
W. Lerche [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
BPS states, weight spaces and vanishing cycles
B. de Wit, V. Kaplunovsky, J. Louis, D. Luest [ spires | ps, pdf ]
Duality symmetries and perturbative vectormultiplet couplings in N=2 heterotic string vacua
P. Bouwknegt, J. McCarthy, K. Pilch [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Operator algebra of the 4-D W(3) string
D. R. Morrison, M. R. Plesser [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Towards mirror symmetry as duality for two-dimensional abelian gauge theories
A. P. Polychronakos [ spires | ps, pdf ]
Probabilities and path-integral realization of generalized exclusion statistics
H. Lu, C. N. Pope, K. W. Xu [ spires | ps, pdf ]
Higher-spin realisations of bosonic string
J. de Boer, B. Peeters, K. Skenderis, P. van Nieuwenhuizen [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
The equivalence between the operator approach and path integral approach for quantum mechanical nonlinear sigma models
D. Nemeschansky, N. Warner [ spires | ps, pdf ]
Refining the elliptic genus
B. H. Lian, G. J. Zuckerman [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Algebraic and geometric structures in string backgrounds

5/10 minute talks:

P. C. Argyres, A. E. Faraggi, A. D. Shapere [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Curves of marginal stability in N=2 super QCD
E. Bergshoeff [ spires | ps, pdf ]
T duality and the type II superstring
E. Caceres, V. S. Kaplunovsky, M. Mandelberg [ spires | ps, pdf ]
On the impossibility of a large radius compactification in realistic string theories
K. Dienes [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Spacetime properties of (1,0) string vacua
H. Dorn [ spires | ps, pdf ]
Gravitational dressing of renormalization group beta-function
J. P. Gauntlett [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
S-duality and H-monopoles
S. V. Ketov [ spires | ps, pdf ]
On N=4 strings
O. Lechtenfeld [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
On the BRST cohomology of N=2 strings
D. A. Lowe, L. Thorlacius [ spires | ps, pdf ]
Hot string soup
K. R. Dienes, M. Moshe, R. C. Myers [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Supertraces in string theory
B. A. Ovrut [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Higher derivative gravitation in superstrings
F. Quevedo [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
Duality beyond global symmetries: the fate of the B field
S. Hwang, H. Rhedin [ hep-th, spires | ps, pdf ]
States in the BRST cohomology for G/H WZNW models
F. De Jonghe, P. Termonia, W. Troost, S. Vandoren [ spires | ps, pdf ]
The topological twist and BRST anti-BRST gauge fixing in N=2 Landau-Ginzburg models