Unknown Person 999

This is an example of a partially complete photo record for one student whom I have not identified. My goal is to have a complete set of pictures for everyone eventually, but for now it is rather incomplete. As part of the "making complete" effort, naturally, I would like to identify everyone, including people like this without a name yet attached. Check out a few other examples of what records I have in hand now.

At this point I don't have the large (200x300) format of all of the pictures, but that will come as well. Obviously, this is a work in progress.

My intention is also to put whatever current information I have for each of us at the top of this type of page. For instance, for this person there can be no current information until we figure out who he is.

Year Alumni Photos Class and Group Photos
Mrs. Golde's Second Grade

Clicking on the small class and group photos brings up larger versions of the same pictures. Please tell me whether you like this way of presenting all of the pictures of a single one of us, and how quickly it loads up on your browser. If it loads too slowly I'll make the first column show the smaller version of the pictures, and then clicking on any of them will bring up a larger version.

And, of course, please send me any/all corrections/additions.

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