Sierra Vista Remembered

Okay, guys (uh, that's "y'all" for those who, bless their hearts, are no longer deep in the heart of California), here's my continuing attempt at collecting together photographs from our time at Sierra Vista.

Organized by Grade/Class

Grade, Ending Year Classes, by Teacher Comments
Kindergarten, 1957 Morning: Mrs. Eddy
Morning: Mrs. Proud: also as a Group Photo
Afternoon: Mrs. Eddy
Afternoon: Mrs. Proud
First Grade, 1958   Mrs. Pruneau: also as a Group Photo
Mrs. Wilson (Group Photo only)
Second Grade, 1959     Mrs. Ferguson (coming)
Mrs. Golde
Mrs. Prestridge
Mrs. Uken
Third Grade, 1960       Mrs. Jackson
Mrs. Peterson
Mrs. Urban

Fourth Grade, 1961         Mrs. Bridges
Mrs. Cunningham
Mr. Schumacher
Mrs. Shira (names only)

need photo
need photo
Fifth Grade, 1962           Mrs. Hartman (names only)
Mr. Hoffman
Mr. Powell
Mr. Tonge
need photo

need photo
Sixth Grade, 1963             Mr. Brindley
Mr. Hoffman
Mr. Nicholson (coming)
Mr. Sims

need photo


All of the individual photos in the tables are relatively low resolution (100x150 pixels) but have a "large" version available with higher resolution (200x300 pixels). These larger versions are not yet linked to the ones in the tables, but I promise to get to that later. If you want to see whether a large version of a picture is available, just take the name of the photo you see (e.g. sv57p_3i.gif) and insert ".large" just before the ".gif" or ".jpg" extension (e.g. sv57p_3i.large.gif).

Organized by People

The class photo sheets above have some photographs identified (but not all correctly, I'm sure), some with only a partial name recovered, and others with no name attached at all. Here is the list of all known alumni with photographs in this collection. If your photograph is not identified (or not correctly identified) please let me know and I'll fix it.

My intention is to put together as many photographs of each of us as possible in chronological order on separate pages. For a few examples right now check out these sample records of identified and unidentified people.

Photo Sources

Sources for Photos in This Collection
Name Grades:
K 1 2 3 4 5 6
Diane West (Boothe) 1 1 1        
Cindy Meier (Demoret)   1 1 1      
David Feitler           1 1
Chris Gould 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Sierra Vista 4            

The "archives" of Sierra Vista are, unfortunately, lacking. The only photographs still in existence on the school's site are from our kindergarten year. Rick Snyder, the principal of the school in 2000 when I visited looking for more photographs, told me that several years previously a PTA president borrowed some albums, but a year later when he asked for them back, the albums could not be located. I don't know precisely how many years are missing, but it's between ten and twenty.

If you have anything you can contribute to this site, please check here to see how.


Here's a few words about why this web site exists.

And of course, I want to thank all of you who have contributed identifications of classmates. When this project started I couldn't have named but a tiny fraction of the photographs here. At the moment, the list of people below is simply in order of whenever someone added some names (or photos) to this collection:


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