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I started this little site with only 7 photographs which my parents had saved. Since that time several others have contributed their photographs. I hope that you're reading this page because you have a photograph (or photographs) of our time at Sierra Vista and it isn't one already posted. Here's how you can help.

First, please call (or e-mail) me if you have photographs which could be added. It's possible that someone else has just sent me the same photograph, and I don't want to ask you to do some work if there's not a good reason. At this very moment I have only one photograph which has not been pulled apart into individual student pictures, but that one is listed on the appropriate page as "coming soon."

Then, you can choose which of two ways you want to contribute: you can either create a digital copy of the photograph yourself, or if that is difficult, you can send me the photograph and I'll do it -- and send your photograph back afterwards, of course. The first contributed photographs, from Diane West (Boothe), were mailed to me and I copied them. The next photographs, from Cindy Meier (Demoret), were scanned on a friend's scanner and then e-mailed to me. As you can see, both ways work.

If you decide to scan your photographs yourself (or at a friend's house) here are some guidelines so that I can preserve the quality of the photos when they're posted here:

In advance, thank you for your help in building this record of our time at Sierra Vista.


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