Friday, 3/17
3:00 - 4:00

  1. E. Bergshoeff (Groningen):
    T-duality and the type-II superstring
  2. E. Caceres (Austin):
    On the impossibility of large radius compactification in realistic string theories
  3. G. Cleaver (Ohio State):
    What's new in the search for stringy-SO(10) SUSY-GUTs
  4. K. Dienes (IAS, Princeton):
    How strings make do without supersymmetry: an introduction to misaligned supersymmetry
  5. H. Dorn (Humboldt, Berlin):
    Gravitational dressing of renormalization group beta-functions
  6. J. Gauntlett (Caltech):
    S-duality and the spectrum of H-monopoles
  7. S. Ketov (Hannover):
    N=4 strings
  8. D. Lowe (UCSB):
    Hot string soup
  9. Z. Qiu (Gainesville):
    A different way to look at d>1 strings
  10. H. Rhedin (Chalmers, Goteborg):
    Construction of BRST invariant states in G/H WZNW models
  11. O. Soloviev (Imperial, London):
    Conformal points and duality of non-abelian Thirring models and interacting WZNW models
  12. S. Vandoren (Leuven):
    The topological twist and BRST anti-BRST gauge fixing in N=2 Landau-Ginzburg models