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E-Mail: nappi@usc.edu

Theoretical Particle Physics

Chiara R. Nappi has been working on various aspects of theoretical particle physics, from mathemathical physics to string theory. After her initial interest in constructive field theory and rigorous statistical mechanics, she worked on the skyrmion description of nucleons, at the interface of particle physics and nuclear physics. Starting in the mid 80's she got involved in string theory, shifting her focus from particle phenomenology to string phenomenology. Since then, she has been working on low-energy effective actions for string theory and their solutions. Aside from deriving Born-Infeld amd Fierz-Pauli lagrangians from string theory, she investigated the effects of boundaries and higher loops corrections on the string effective actions. In recent years, she has been particularly interested in black hole solutions especially in two dimensional string theory. She is currently trying to clarify the connection between black hole solution in two and higher dimensions and its apparent relation with AdS/CFT correspondence. She is also planning to pursue some project in string cosmology.


Educational Background:Ph.D. Physics, University of Naples, 1976

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Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
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