CAFA Scholarship Foundation

A short history

CAFA Scholarship Foundation was first organized in 1995 by an ad hoc planning committee consisting of Otto Chang, Henry Chi, Lois Chi, Sun-Yiu Fung, Harry Hsiung, and Ruth Hsiung. Its main purpose is to raise endowment for CAFA Student Scholarships and, to a lesser extent, the seed money to support the development of scholarly acitvities for young faculty members. On August 20, 1995, the preliminary structure of the Foundation was formed. Officers of the CAFA Scholarship Foundation Board were elected and they were Lois Chi (Chair), Sun-Yiu Fung (Co-chair), Otto Chang (Treasurer), and Ruth Hsiung (Secretary). A committee to develop bylaws was established. By November 5th the rationale of the independence of the Foundation and its separation from CAFA were clarified. New members agreeing to join the board were Wellington Chan, Tu-Nan Chang, K.W. Chu, Phoebe Dea (to start in 1996), Jimmy Hwang and Robert Lee. On the same day, elections were held for Foundation officers. Jimmy Hwang was elected as the President of the Foundation and Wellington Chan as the Vice President. The bylaws were also ratified for the incorporation of the Foundation.

Board members

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