2000-2001 CAFA Faculty Development Grants

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Eddie Hak-sing Ip - Development of Web-based Tera-byte Sharing System to Support Long Distance Collaborative Research

Dr. Ip is an assistant professor of Information and Operations Management Sciences at the Marshall School of Business at USC. He received both his B. Sc. in math and a Postgraduate Certificate in software engineering from the Hong Kong University and his Ph. D. in statistics from Stanford University.

Winnie Wai-ming Kung - Mental Health Needs and Help Seeking Behaviors of Chinese Americans

Dr. Kung is an assistant professor at the School of Social Work at USC. She received her Ph. D. in Social Work from the University of Chicago, her M.S.W. from Washington University in St. Louis, and her B. Soc. Sc. in Social work and Sociology from the University of Hong Kong.

Ching-an Peng - Ultrasonic Standing Wave Manipulation of Retroviral Gene Delivery to Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Dr. Peng has been an assistant professor of Chemical Engineering at USC since 1997. He received his B. Sc. from the National Taiwan University, his M. S. from the University of Notre Dame, and his Ph. D. from the University of Michigan. In 1996-1997, he was a post-doctoral fellow at StemCell Technologies Inc., in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Lan-ying Tseng - Representing Heaven: Art and Visual Culture in Early China

Dr. Tseng is an assistant professor with joint appointment in the Department of Art History and of East Asian Languages & Cultures at USC. She received her Ph. D. in the History of Art and Architecture from Harvard University in 2000 and her BA and MA from the National Taiwan University in 1988 and 1992, respectively. In 1997-98, she was a visiting assistant curator of the Gallery of Historical Relics, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

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