Chinese American Faculty Associaion, Southern California, 30th Annual Convention, 3/3/2001.

Distinguished Visitors & Scholarship Recipients        Photo-newsletter by Prof. Kwan Ming Chan



Prof. Kwan Ming Chan welcomed Dean          Prof. Winnie Kung received a     Prof. Hsing Fang

 Cecilia Chan of University of Hong Kong       faculty grant award                   introduced her guests


Prof. Ching Lam, UCI,                            Prof. Lian Lian Lin (new President-elect) and Karen Chan 

 enjoyed her first attendance                         with Prof. Ben Tang, Clarement Graduate School  


Seven students from several major universities received scholarship awards. (left) Jennifer Liu, UCLA, received Lois and Henry Chi Scholarship with proud parents, Frank and Elleen (center). Robert T. Poe family presented Memorial Scholarship to Anthony Truong of Occidental College (right).