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Chinese American Faculty Association

of Southern California

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Article I. Name.

This organization shall be known as Chinese American Faculty Association of Southern California.

Article II. Purpose.

The purposes of the organization are:

  1. To promote closer cultural and social ties among Chinese scholars in colleges and universities in Southern California;
  2. To stimulate the discussion and exchange of ideas on matters of scholarly interest and on problems on cultural, social, political and economic concern; and
  3. To render services where possible on broad questions and problems pertaining to the Chinese community at large.

Article III. Territory of Operation.

The organization will conduct its activities principally in Southern California.

Article IV. Membership.

  1. Any person of Chinese origin who is engaged in teaching or research in colleges or universities in Southern California may be eligible.
  2. A scholar residing outside the geographical confines of Southern California may be nominated to honorary membership upon recommendation of the executive committee and approved by the membership at large.
  3. Each member shall pay annual dues to the organization. The amount of such dues shall be prescribed by the executive committee.

Article V. Executive Committee.

  1. The executive powers of the organization shall be vested in an executive committee.
  2. The executive committee shall be composed of the following officers:
    • President
    • President-Elect
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
  3. The executive committee shall convene a conference on all of the members of the organization at a meeting to be held each year for the purposes of electing a slate of officers and transacting such business or conducting such discussions as it deems appropriate and necessary.
  4. All officers of the executive committee shall be elected for a term of one year. The President of the organization shall be the chief executive officer of the organization. He/She shall be elected by the membership at large one year in advance and shall assume the position of President-Elect for the first year of his/her term, at the end of which he/she shall automatically become President of the organization.
  5. In case any officer of the executive committee who is elected by the membership at large resigns or is otherwise unable to serve, his/her seat shall be filled for the remainder of his/her term by another officer elected by the executive committee.

Article VI. Dissolution.

In the event of the dissolution of the organization, all of its properties or assets shall, subject to the discharge of valid obligations of the organization, be distributed to one or more charitable organization as the executive committee may decide.

Article VII. Amendments.

Amendments to this constitution shall come into force when they have been adopted by a vote of simple majority of the executive committee and ratified by a simple majority of the membership present at the annual conference.

Article VIII. Ratification.

This constitution shall become effective upon ratification by at least two-third of the membership at large at the Inaugural Banquet meeting scheduled for February 21, 1970. (Amended and ratified at the Annual Conference on October 23, 1982.)

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