Talk Schedule

Feb 28 Jeopardy: Jason, Sridhar, Ognyan

March 12 Omid (Quantum Monte Carlo), Cong

March 14 Perry (Pixel Restoration)

April 23 Nick

April 25 Jun

April 30 Sarah, Megan

May 2 Chui, Bing

Suggested Topics

1. homepage design HTML, including graphics & animations

2. shell scripts

3. data fitting discuss software (use software which is accessible to everybody like Mathematica), present example.

4. fancy graphics 2D contour & field plots, 3D plots, animations.

5. text processing LATEX, how to include graphics into a LATEX file.

6. downloading software from the internet present one example of how to download and install software.

7. Mathematica demonstrate an example how to use Mathematica to solve a physics problem