Homework 2

1) Solve T. Pang, Problem 2.2, but use the program "Interpolation" given on p. 16

instead of writing a program yourself. Plot the results of the interpolation along with

the original data. It should look like this . (30 points)

2)T. Pang, Problem 2.3. Be aware that the recursion equations on p.17 and 18 are

wrong. The correct forms can be found on Pang's webpage under "Errors Found".

 Print out the interpolated values, f(0.3) and f(0.5), along with their errors for each

recursion step. (40 points)

3) T. Pang, Problem 2.4. Also use Xmgrace to fit the given data points to obtain the

coefficients of the power law approximation given in the problem. Create a table containing

the original data, the fitted data at the same x_i values, and the approximating function at the

same x_i values. Do this for M=5 and M=10. What happens to the quality of the fit as M is

 increased? As an example, take a look at this table which uses M=3. (30 points)