Fig.5: Three magnetoresistance curves for the system Au/Mo/Au. The top curve is for pure Au. In the second curve the Au is covered with 1/100 of a monolayer of Mo. The broadening of the magnetoresistance demonstrates that the Mo surface atoms are magnetic. The magnetic scattering disappears in the third curve where the Au/Mo is covered with five layers of Au.

The third curve in Fig.5 shows the magnetoresistance of the same Au/Mo film after it is covered with five additional atomic layers of Au. The curve is as narrow as the first one for pure Au. Obviously the Mo loses its moment when it is inbedded in Au. It is only on the surface of Au magnetic. This interesting behavior of 4d atoms on the surface of noble metals was predicted by the Juelich group of Prof. Dederichs /12/. We observed a fascinating diversity of magnetic behavior for these 4d surface impurities on Au. Some of the published results will be added to this home page.

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