Procedure and Tasks of the scope

Measurement of an unknown inductance in an R-L circuit

The task of this experiment is to become familiar with the potential of an oscilloscope.

       Build on the breadboard an R-L with R=100W and and unknown inductor. Connect the resistor with ground.

       Connect the wave-function generator with the R-L circuit, ground to the open end of R.

       Connect the resistor with channel 1 of the scope and the full R-L with channel 2.

       Vary the frequency of the generator in steps of 0.2MHz up to on MHz and measure the amplitudes on channel 1 and 2 and the relative phase.

       Calculate the real and imaginary part of L and plot both versus the inverse frequency.

The relative phase is obtained from the displacement between the two sinus curves. This displacement together with the period determine the phase shift between the two signals. From the initial slope of the imaginary part determine the inductance L of the inductor