Procedure and Tasks 


 The experiment consists of two different topics: the rigid rotor and the histogram. For both projects special software has been developed.


xn+1=1- mxn2


Rigid Rotor

This program has a number of  commands:

Examples: The program may be started with the input parameters:

·         “5,.35,1,.001” and d=0. The RR has several interesting regions: For (Q,w)=(2.2668977,-2.8810204) one finds 32 fix points (FPs), for (Q,w)=( .02698949, 3.025153) one observe 5 FPs, for (Q,w)=(-1.204253, 5.933161) one observe 5 FPs, both set surround the single FP at (Q,w)=( .0592479, 4.807961). There is another center at (.8645298,-1.147262) with one FP. It is surrounded by six FPs with (.4425869,-1.436509), by seven FPs with (-.501359,-2.447427), Sourrounding the single FP at (3.088642,-4.300383), there are a set of five FPs with (-2.792857,-6.032913) at the side and another set of 32 with (2.2668977,-2.8810204).

Now change the amplitude by a very small amount and observe what happens to the FPs. When does their number reduce or they disappear.