This is where the images will be displayed.

The images are abreviated in the following manner:

     ttt _ l W r YYMMDD _ HHMM . fff

ttt = Image type: dopplergram (dop), filtergram (flt), magnetogram (mag), or velocity map (vel)

l = Location: Mt. Wilson Observatory 60' Solar Tower (w)

W = Wavelength: sodium (N) or potassium (K)

r = Resolution: high 1024x1024 (h), medium 512x512 (m), or low 256x256 (l)

YYMMDD = Date image was taken

HHMM = Time image was taken, in 24 hour format, OR possibly an am/pm designation

fff = Image format: gif, jpg, or fits

For instance, the image flt_wNm950623_1003.gif
is a filtergram (flt) taken at Mt. Wilson (w)
using a sodium filter (N), computed in medium resolution (m),
on June 23 1995 (950623) at 10:03am (1003), in a gif (gif) format.

Here is a brief explanation of what all these images actually are.

This image database created and maintained by Andy Grubb.
Please contact him with questions or problems.

For more information on this project, contact Dr. Edward Rhodes of USC.