MWO 60' Solar Tower Observational history

Pre-MDI era - 1987 through 1995

This image map represents the raw MWO-60 data that has been acquired during the given years. The color coding is simple; the black bars represent the majority of the data taken as Hi-res sodium-dopplergrams. The orange data are representative of The blue data represent the FITS data archived to the SOI/MDI group at Stanford University. Prior to the start of GONG or MDI, the 60-Foot Solar Tower was the only instrument collecting high-resolution dopppler images of the sun during solar cycle 22. On May 5, 1995 the GONG instrument came on line (represented by the red vertical line). Clicking on each panel will reveal a larger image for that year. This page is typically updated at the beginning of each month, but new data is constantly being ingested to the MDI database. Check the MDI website for current updates,

MWO 1987 history MWO 1988 history MWO 1989 history MWO 1990 history MWO 1991 history MWO 1992 history MWO 1993 history MWO 1994 history MWO 1995 history


Hi-res (1024x1024) Na-dopplergrams
Hi-res (1024x1024) Na-dopplergrams; archived at Stanford
Low-res Na-dopplergrams
Low-res Na-dopplergrams; archived at Stanford
Hi-res (1024x1024) Na-intensitygrams

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