Welcome to the Ultralow Temperature Group web page at USC

We have been working on experiments that measure the 2-dimensional magnetism of 3 He on graphite as well as the magnetism of normal and superfluid 3 He.


Many of our results are published and some new papers are underway. Meanwhile,

we have links to recent reports that are intended to give you an idea of what this research is about.


Our group has always been interested in low temperature techniques as well as the physics in the millikelvin regime. In recent years, this interest has been translated into the developments of an R-SQUID and high performance SQUIDs in collaboration with TRW. These developments were originally focused on the possibility of using R-SQUIDs as absolute thermometers. However,

the results of devices shed light on the dynamical behavior of a class of SQUIDs which has not been understood before. We have also worked extensively with SQUIDs for use in NMR -- especially for the very low frequency NMR needed for our 3 He on graphite experiments.


We are planning experiments using aerogels, and a master's student has been developing computer models of to simulate these materials. The link to a description of these models will give you a good picture of these facinating materials.


If you design low temperatures experiments, you may find our measurements of the magnetic properties of a variety of common materials useful.


This web page is being currently modified, and you can expect a number of additions over the next few weeks. Below, we have a list of links that work now.


Research on thin films of 3 He on graphite.


Magnetism of materials used in cryostats.




Recent Publications.


People in the lab.



Work in this laboratory is supported by the National Science Foundation through a series of grants, currently DMR03-07382.