Organizing Committee

Itzhak Bars
Peter Bouwknegt
Joe Minahan
Dennis Nemeschansky
Krzysztof Pilch
Hubert Saleur
Nick Warner


University of Southern California (USC)
Provost's Office
College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
Department of Physics and Astronomy
U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF)
The Packard Foundation

General information

The conference was organized by the High Energy Physics Group in the Department fo Physics and Astronomy at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. It took place at USC on the University Park Campus in Downtown Los Angeles, March 13-18, 1995. There were about 180 participants including 50 speakers.

Contact Information

Strings '95
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0484


The Organizers