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Shell Effects in Finite Quantum Systems

July 25-31, 2010

Erice (Sicily), Italy

International School of Solid State Physics (50th Course) at the

Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture


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The understanding of atomic shell structure laid the foundation for the nuclear shell model, and in 1984 came the seminal observation of electronic shells in metal nanoclusters. The School will mark the anniversary of this discovery by highlighting the unity of physical principles that manifest themselves in a variety of systems: atoms, nuclei, clusters, confined quantum gases and fluids, nanostructures, quantum dots, nanowires. Despite the differences in energy scales and other characteristics, such systems are strongly influenced by the quantization of motion of their constituents. There are further productive connections with such fields as semiclassical quantization and quantum chaos. Moreover, these quantum-scale phenomena have important practical implications.

The week-long International School will offer lectures presented by leading experts in their fields, highlighting the diversity and the underlying universality of the physical phenomena. Graduate and diploma students, postdoctoral fellows, researchers entering these fields, and anyone who is interested in the interdisciplinary richness of the subject are invited to attend. In addition to the lectures, there will be poster sessions where the attendees will be encouraged to present their own research, and ample opportunity for individual discussions.

Directors of the Course:
Vitaly Kresin, University of Southern California
Klavs Hansen, University of Gothenburg

Contact: ShellEffects@usc.edu


Director of the International School of Solid State Physics: Prof. Giorgio Benedek
President of EMFCSC: Prof. Antonino Zichichi


Updates: August 27, 2010