[Photo of Jagannathan] Anuradha Jagannathan

Research Associate


E-Mail: jagannathan@lps.u-psud.fr

Solid State Physics

Anu Jagannathan is a solid state physicist, working on problems related to the magnetic and electrical behavior of complex solids. Examples of materials that fall in this category are spin glasses, random networks as in gels, and quasicrystals. These can all be modeled by statistical mechanical models that one solves using analytical or numerical techniques. Although often oversimplified, these models can help understand the behavior of real substances, for example telling us whether a certain type of material might be expected to conduct electrical current (metal) or on the contrary is expected to be an insulator. Her home institution is the Laboratory of Solid State Physics at the University of Paris XI, where she teaches graduate and undergraduate physics courses.

Educational Background: MS (1980, IIT Kanpur India), M.Phil (1982, Yale University), Ph.D. (1985, Brown University)

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Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
University of Southern California
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