2001 Undergraduate Symposium

The third annual USC Undergraduate Symposium for Scholarly and Creative Work was a resounding success. The Symposium, sponsored by the Office of the Provost, is designed to provide our undergraduates with the unique opportunity to exhibit and share examples of their significant research with the university community. The Symposium is modeled on a professional conference poster session with six separate disciplines: 1) Arts, 2) Humanities, 3) Social Sciences, 4) Life Sciences, 5) Professional and Applied Disciplines, and 6) Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering.

First place honors in the Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering category went to Lindsey Bruesch, a Physics major currently in her senior year, who was sponsored by Professor Werner Däppen. Her poster, entitled Laboratory Investigations of Europa's Sodium Atmosphere, discusses the possible sources and origin of Na in the atmosphere of Jupiter's ice moon, Europa. Lindsey received the top award of $500.

Several of our undergraduates received honorable mention for their work. Linda Carpenter, sponsored by Dr. Nick Warner, with her poster, Calculation of Quark Antiquark Potential Using String Theory in Schwarzschild-AntideSitter Spacetime, the collaborative work, sponsored by Dr. Hans Bozler, of Chun-Cheng Lin, Melissa Dobbins and Barry Fink for their poster Temperature Measurement Using NMR in Platinum, and Matt Behrend, sponsored by Professor Gerd Bergmann with his Investigation and Design of High Voltage Coupled Resonators poster.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy extends our congratulations to our award winning undergraduates. Keep up the good work!

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