Faculty Recognition

Many of our faculty receive awards and honors throughout the year. Some of the recognition our faculty have been given include...

Werner Däppen was selected as Faculty of the Month by the Mortar Board, a senior honors society at USC, for March, 2001.

President Sample announced the appointment of Robert W. Hellwarth, Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering as University Professor. This title is awarded to those professors whose multidisciplinary interests and significant accomplishments transcend any single field of study. Dr. Hellwarth's outstanding accomplishments bring honor to the University and the Department of Physics and Astronomy. We congratulate him and look forward to his continuing achievements.

Martin Gundersen, Professor and Chair of Electrical Engineering/Electrophysics and Professor of Physics, received the 2000 Germeshausen Award of the International Power Modulator Symposium For contributions to power modulator and radar transmitter technologies at the June meeting in Norfolk, Virginia. The Symposium is a forum for research and development for repetitive pulsed power for laser, radar, accelerator and other applications, and is held every second year.

Additionally, Dr. Gundersen received a large research grant through the Department of Defense Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative program. The competition for MURI awards is intense with institutions submitting 416 applications from which 158 full proposals were made. DOD funded 48 of the proposals. His project will challenge limitations in achieving very high-power pulses of energy for short durations. He said, "We want to develop the switches, extrapolating from advances in solid-state switch technology. We also are interested in improved architectures for the pulse generators and in advancing some of the other elements such as energy storage."

Tu-nan Chang,, Chair of the Department, who received a Distinguished Faculty Service Award from the USC Academic Senate last year (see, www.usc.edu/academe/acsen/uscfaculty/service/chang.html), started his two-year term as the President of the OCPA (Overseas Chinese Physics Association, see, www.ocpa.org) on January 1, 2001. He will also co-chair the Fourth International Conference of Chinese Physicist Worldwide to be held in Shanghai in the summer of 2003.

Dr. Itzhak Bars was selected as a Charter Member in the formation of the California Section of the American Physical Society.

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