Physics Colloquium

The Department of Physics and Astronomy continues to host an on-going colloquium every Monday at 4:15 p.m. during the spring and fall semester. Invited guests this year have included David Weiss from the Department of Physics, University of California, Berkeley, discussing Cold Atoms in Optical Lattices, Tom Jordan from the Department of Earth Sciences at USC speaking on Deep South African Gold Mines as Natural Laboratories for Studying Earthquake Physics and John Bahcall from the Institute for Advanced Study lecturing on Solar Neutrinos: where we are, where we are going.

In a very special event, leading physicist, Stephen Hawking, spoke at USC on March 21. He explained theories about the beginning and end of the universe at a public lecture sponsored by the CIT-USC Center for Theoretical Physics. The full-to-capacity Bovard Auditorium, including President Sample and other top university officials, were completely engrossed in Hawking's examination of the farthest reaches of the universe, in both space and time.

You are cordially invited to join us at the colloquium. For a schedule and the colloquium location, please see our department web site at

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