Darrell Judge Elected APS Fellow

We are pleased to announce the recent election of Professor Darrell Judge to the Fellowship
of the American Physical Society. His citation reads, "Darrell Lynn Judge - Atomic,
Molecular, and Optical Physics - for his pioneering work on the fundamental properties of
atoms and molecules using selected monochromatic photon excitation and dispersed
fluorescence, and their applications in space physics."

Other APS Fellows at USC include: L. Armstrong, I. Bars, G. Bergmann, T. N. Chang,
H. K. Cheng, H. H. Forster, R. Hellwarth, T. Katsouleas, B. Koel, J. Kunc, K. Maki,
E. P. Muntz, H. Reisler, I. Senitzky, R. Shakeshaft, W. Spitzer, H. Taylor, and C. Wittig.
In addition, J. Feinberg and R. Hellwarth of the Department of Physics and Astronomy are
Fellows of the American Optical Society.

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