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This page is often updated, so come back for new material
Here are some interesting links, which may be of research (and other) use, prepared by Nick Halmagyi and others. Please visit again soon, since these will be added to as time goes by.

There is a good list of lecture notes at SUNYSB

The Net Advance of Physics can sometimes point you in the right direction.

ICTP in Trieste publishes some lecture notes on their own website.

Recent conferences have been putting lectures notes and audio files on the web.

Strings 2004 in Paris, France.
Strings 2003 in Kyoto, Japan
Strings 2002 at Cambridge, UK.
Strings 2001 in Mumbai, India.
Avatars of M-Theory
at UCSB, 2001.
The Duality Workshop also at UCSB, 2001.

Of course there are the invaluable web databases,

and the curious rumor mill.


As is well known, rather a lot of Physicists very much like the sound of their own voices, and the weblog craze is the perfect medium for Physics chatter (and, sadly, chatter on lots of topics outside their expertise too). Here are a few notable Blogs and Bloggers:

Preposterous Universe (Sean Carroll's Universe)

Musings (Jacques Distler's Universe)

Not Even Wrong (Peter Woit's Universe)

String Theory Coffee Table (Various)

There are others....but you can find them by looking at the links from the one I listed.

Mathematicians are not as fond of the xxx arxiv as physicists are, but you can still find lots of lecture notes on the web.

Eric Weinstein has done a wonderful thing right here. An extremely useful mathematics resource.

The quirky and rather categorical John Baez site has some fun stuff and with over 200 weeks
there is quite an archive.

Alan Hatcher has some great resources, a book on Algebraic Topology and one on K-Theory. They come
highly recommended.

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