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This Page is Still Heavily Under Construction!
Here are some interesting links, which may be of recreational (and other) use, prepared by Nick Halmagyi. Please visit again soon, since these will be added to as time goes by.

Recreational Links
Caltech hosts the Superstringtheory website. It has a wealth of information and even interviews with the great string theorists as well as a description of the state of the art.

JPierre has a useful site, even a tutorial.

The particle adventure is an introduction to modern particle physics.

The Cambridge group has some very interesting stuff on Einstein's General Relativity.

You'll find an interesting read at beyond string theory.

Robbert Dijkgraaf has an interesting site and as always, some cute pictures.

Does your name appear in the binary expansion of pi ?

This website recommends that you use bookpricecompare or textbookhound to hunt down the best price on
your book purchases.

There is a wealth of popular literature on particle physics, string theory and cosmology,
and it all claims to be written in "layman's terms". Here is our preferred selection.

Briane Greene has written a critically acclaimed book, "The Elegant Universe", which is a great introduction to String Theory.

Steven Weinberg, has several books, most notably, "The First Three Minutes", which talks about early universe cosmology.

Kip Thorne's book, "Black Holes and Time Warps" is an absorbing history of Einstein's general relativity.

Stephen Hawking has a 6 part documentary, Stephen Hawking's Universe.

See the recent PBS TV series of   Briane Greene, based on the book mentioned above. There is an exellent website on it here.

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