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Welcome to the Theoretical High Energy Physics Group at the University of Southern California. We are part of the Department of Physics and Astronomy in the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. We are located on the second floor of the Seaver Science Center (SSC) on the University Park Campus.

Our research focuses on Superstring Theory, M-Theory, and Conformal Field Theory. We develop ideas and theoretical tools for the precise description of the fundamental constituents of Nature and their interactions. These ideas apply to physics on the smallest scales, such as those involving elementary particles, and also to the largest scales, encompassing the entire Universe in which we live, and perhaps beyond.

The techniques developed in studies of this sort are also well known to apply to many other systems, such as condensed matter physics, the physics of which underlies almost every component in the computer you're using to view this page, and allow for the most accurate computations of measured physical phenomena ever performed.

We are very active in areas such as supergravity theory, string field theory,  non-perturbative quantum field theory, conformal field theory, black hole physics, gauge/gravity correspondences, branes, and various types of string duality and M-theory. 

You can find a webpage with links to more about our activities >here<.
Department of Physics & Astronomy
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