The car and airline discounts, and insurance coverage, available to USC staff and visitors are described in
Note the conditions for eligibility.

You will probably receive better rates if you do not use the corporate ID number and use your own car insurance (if it covers you in the US)  or the collision coverage offered by your own credit card (gold or platinum - check with your credit card company on the coverage provided).

To make a car rental reservation, either use your credit card and follow the procedure below, or ask our administrative assistant to help with the reservation through a USC travel agent. But in any case first go through the procedure below to check on the rates. Sometimes the USC travel agents are able to get better rates; you can contact them directly at this website, if you wish.

Rates  may depend on the date of rental, or location of rental/dropoff, so play around with the alternatives to find the lowest rate during your visit. Also rates change periodically, therefore check again on the lowest rates close to the rental date because rates may have dropped since the time of your reservation.


Go to Hertz reservation system :
Choose "Rates and Reservations", general rates, and fill out the form
In the second page of the form, choose the car type,
click on "Official Travel" and just above it enter the CDP number: 1033499
Fill out the rest of the form, choose "find lowest rates", and "check rates"
and then "submit".
Make sure that the description of the offer you receive has
"Inclusive Items":  LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER


Go to Alamo reservation system :
Choose "Rates and Reservations", and fill out the form
Enter  "Rate Code: BX , Corporate ID: 60100  (the code BX includes the insurance)
Click  "Continue".
Make sure that the description of the offer you receive
includes " Collision Damage Waiver".