To All International Visitors:

Our university and Center must abide by new rules for paying international visitors. United States Federal regulations prohibit any institution, company or individual from paying, compensating, or reimbursing foreign nationals unless they have a J-1 visa or work permit (green card).  Visiting scholars and researchers are granted a special exception to this rule, however they may only be paid for up to nine (9) days.

If you are planning to visit us for more than nine days, you will need to obtain a J-1 visa.  To obtain a J-1 visa you must first go to this web page:

and print out the IAP-66 form.  Fill it out as much as you can and mail it to our administrative assistant:

Oscar Natwick
CIT-USC Center for Theoretical Physics
University of Southern California
3620 S. Vermont Ave.  KAP 121
Los Angeles, CA  90089-2535

Mr. Natwick will obtain the necessary signatures, take care of the $150 fee, and submit it for approval.  The IAP-66 and other forms will then be mailed back to you.  This process will take at least a week.  Please allow for this time, plus the mailing time.  Once you have received the completed form, take it to your local US embassy and they will issue your visa.

If you already have a valid J-1 visa but sponsored by another university, you need to obtain a letter from the sponsoring university stating that a portion of your sponsorship will be provided by USC.  The letter should state the exact number of days you will be at USC.  If you provide our administrative assistant with the necessary information and a contact person at your sponsoring university, he will coordinate with them in producing the letter.

When you arrive here, there will be a number of forms for you to fill out, and will need to make copies of your visa, I-94, IAP-66 (be sure to bring it), and proof of your visit (airline, gas, or hotel receipts work best).  Also, if you are seeking reimbursement for your travel expenses, we need original receipts for every travel expense, so be sure to save your receipts.

Please donít hesitate to contact our administrative assistant with any questions or concerns.

Oscar Natwick
Ph#  (213) 821-1668
Fax: (213) 821-1823