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These seminars are scheduled on Fridays at 2:00pm, and the location is SSL 150, unless otherwise noted. Some of the seminars will be held jointly with UCLA and CALTECH.
For more information contact Lorenzo Campos Venuti (condensed matter) or Ben Reichardt (quantum information). Biophysics seminars are held the first Friday of each month and are indicated in blue.
UPC seminar location: Ahmanson Center for Biological Research, ACB 238. UPC location for remote viewing of HSC seminars: To be determined.
HSC seminar location: Herklotz seminar room, Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute HSC.  Location for remote viewing of UPC seminars: Herklotz

September 2, 2pm SSL150
Daniel Ben-Zion (UCSD)

SPT and SET physics from decorated string nets

It has been understood for some time now that quantum entanglement plays a central role in classifying phases of matter. Patterns of long range entanglement can distinguish two phases even when symmetries cannot; this is called topological order. One interesting question is: what possibilities are there in systems with both topological order and a global symmetry? On the other hand, even in the absence of topological order it is occasionally possible to have two phases which preserve all symmetries yet are nonetheless distinct. This phenomena is known as a 'symmetry protected topological' phase. In this talk, I will give a few explicit examples of models both with and without topological order, emphasizing the interplay with global symmetries. These models have the feature that domain walls are decorated with auxiliary degrees of freedom which arrange themselves into particular interesting states.



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